Statement by Foreign Ministry Spokesman Kong Quan On the New UN Security Council Resolution on Iraq
2002-11-12 10:59
The position of the Chinese Government on the settlement of the Iraqi issue is consistent and clear-cut. We firmly stand for a peaceful resolution of the Iraqi issue through political and diplomatic means within the UN framework. We have all along called on Iraq to comprehensively and strictly implement the relevant UN Security Council resolutions, fully cooperate with the United Nations and thoroughly verify and destroy the weapons of mass destruction. It is China?s consistent stand that Iraq?s sovereignty, territorial integrity and legitimate concerns should be respected in order to achieve a comprehensive solution of the Iraqi issue. In accordance with the progress of Iraq?s implementation of the resolutions, the UN Security Council should consider the suspension and ultimate lifting of the twelve-year-old sanctions against Iraq. Out of the above considerations, China voted in favour of the resolution 1441, which was just approved by the Security Council.

In a constructive attitude, China has actively participated at various stages in the consultations by the Security Council on the draft resolution and came up with its views and suggestions. We wish to stress that the UN Security Council shoulders the heavy responsibility of maintaining world peace and security as entrusted by the UN Charter. The passing of the resolution on Iraq by the Security Council at this juncture will contribute to a political settlement of the Iraqi issue, the maintenance of the authority of the Security Council, the return by the UN weapons inspectors to Iraq and the smooth conduct of their work.