Foreign Ministry Spokesman's Press Conference on July 9, 2002
2002-09-10 17:08
Q: The last summit of Organization of African Unity was held yesterday, and the OAU is to be replaced by African Union. What's your comment?

A: The 38th OAU Summit, also the Inaugural Summit of African Union was held on July 8th to 10th in Durban, South Africa. The African Union will start to function as a regional organization that offers the broadest representation on the African Continent. The inauguration of the African Union is an important move by the African countries to join hands to cope with challenges brought by globalization and to realize African Renaissance through joint self-improvement. It will exert far-reaching impact on the development of the African Continent.

The Chinese Government attaches great importance to the positive contributions of the African Union for independence, peace and development causes of Africa for over 40 years, and supports the efforts by the African countries to inaugurate the African Union and promote the process of political and economic integration of Africa. China will continue to adhere to the basic principles of "sincerity and friendship, treating each other as equals, solidarity and cooperation, seeking common development and facing the future". It will also, in such spirit, deepen the cooperation with the African Union, support the construction of the African Union and establish a new partnership of long-term stability, equality and mutual benefit with African countries.

Q: It has been learnt that this weekend, the first boundary marker on the Yunnan Section of the China-Vietnam border will be established. Who will attend the ceremony? Does the establishment of the marker mean some breakthrough in the settlement of China-Vietnam border issue?

A: I have not learnt about the information concerning the establishment of the boundary marker and Chinese attendance at the ceremony in your question. As for the China-Vietnam border issue, China and Vietnam signed a land border treaty on December 30, 1999. The land border issue between China and Vietnam has been settled.

Q: According to Hong Kong media, China and Russia are going to hold a counter-terrorism joint military exercise in August. This will be China's first military exercise with a foreign country. Please confirm and make some comments.

A: Thank you for your question. I also learnt about it from the media. I know you might raise this question, and hope to provide a reply. Regrettably, however, I have not received any information in this regard. I will brief you if I obtain such information in the future.

Q: Officials in Washington said that Pentagon decided to send a military team to China to search for the remains of the missing American pilots in Northeast China in the 1950's. Is China ready to cooperate with the team? How is the preparation work going on?

A: For many years, the Chinese side has, proceeding from the friendship between the two peoples and in a humanitarian spirit, had good cooperation with the US side on the issue of searching for missing US personnel in China. We have agreed that the US could send people to inspect relevant sites of missing US personnel during the Cold-War Period in the near future.

Q: Since June 29th, North and South Korea have been locked in an intensified face-off in relevant waters. Recently, the North Korean side accused the South Korean side of infiltration into the North Korean waters by two naval vessels and warned about the possible armed conflicts. Do you think that the current situation on the Korean peninsula will deteriorate? What position is China going to adopt?

A: We have taken note of the relevant reports. The Chinese side hopes that parties concerned could make efforts to maintain stability on the peninsula and promote further relaxation of the tension. The Chinese side has committed itself in peace and stability on the peninsula, supported the improvement of the North-South relations, to ultimately realize independent peaceful reunification on the peninsula. In the future, the Chinese Government will continue to adhere to such a position and play a constructive role.

Q: What's your comment for the assassination of Vice President Qadir of Afghanistan last week. It seems that the country has not realized peace yet. Against such a backdrop, is China ready to participate in the reconstruction of Afghanistan?

A: As for your first question, I made remarks on this issue last week. The Chinese side opposes and condemns all forms of terrorism. We hope and believe that the peace process of Afghanistan will not be influenced. We also believe that under the leadership of President Karzai, the Afhan people have the ability to handle the internal affairs of Afghanistan. Concerning the second question, the Chinese Government stands ready to actively participate in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. During President Karzai's visit to China last January, President Jiang Zemin promised to provide 150 million USD worth of assistance. During Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan's visit to Afghanistan in May, the two sides signed an economic and technological cooperation agreement and relevant exchange of letters involving 30 million USD of assistance gratis. The Chinese side promised to renovate the Parwan Water Conservancy system, which was originally constructed with Chinese aid, and help reconstruct the Bagrami Textile Plant. Now the two sides are conductng consultations on the details.

Q: The Nepalese King will soon visit China. What's your comment? What military assistance is China going to provide to Nepal to attack the anti-government armed forces.

A: China and Nepal are close neighbors. The China-Nepal friendly relations of cooperation have been established on the five principles of peaceful coexistence. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties over 50 years ago, the two countries have treated each other as equals, respected and sympathized each other, and come to each other's aid. The two sides have maintained good relations of cooperation in political, economic and trade, cultural and tourist fields. We believe that the visit by the Nepalese King Birendra to China will boost the further development of China-Nepal good neighborly and friendly relations of cooperation. As a friendly neighbor of Nepal, China firmly supports the measures taken by the Nepalese Government and King to maintain domestic peace and stability, and sincerely hopes that Nepal could remain peace, stability and development.

Q: A parliamentary delegation of Panama is now in China for a visit. Has new progress been made in establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries?

A: As far as I have learnt, a parliamentary delegation of Panama is now visiting China. China stands ready to develop normal friendly relationship of cooperation with all countries in the world on the basis of five principles of peaceful coexistence.