Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on the Proposed Visit by "Vice Defense Minister" of Taiwan to the US
2002-09-09 00:00
Q: According to the report of Taiwanese media, Taiwanese "Vice Minister of Defense" Kang Ning-Hsiang will pay a visit to the US soon and he will meet with high-ranking US officials. How do you comment on this?

A: We have always opposed any official exchange between the US and Taiwan and have already made solemn representations to the US side on the relevant report.

If the US side allows Kang's visit, it will be a serious violation of the three Sino-US joint communiqués and a gross interference into China's internal affairs, and will send new wrong signals to the "Taiwan independence" forces. This runs counter to the interests of China and the US.

The US side should be fully aware of the sensitiveness of the Taiwan question. It should also learn the lessons and honor its words so as not to undermine the China-US relations and the common interests of both countries.