Update Notice on the Requirements on Issuing Green Health Declaration Codes (June 13rd, 2022 Edition)
2022-06-13 20:31

In order to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and protect the health and safety of travellers from Sri Lanka to China, the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka has updated the Requirements on Issuing Green Health Declaration Codes as follows:

I. About vaccination

All travelers to China are strongly advised to complete the Covid-19 vaccination and receive booster shots. Those who have not completed all doses of inactivated vaccines, or who have completed 2 doses of inactivated vaccines on the same day, will be treated as the unvaccinated. After completing the corresponding doses of re-vaccination, they will be regarded as those who have been fully vaccinated with inactivated vaccines.

II.  Personal health monitoring requirements

Passengers are required to monitor their own health conditions before departure to ensure not being infected with Covid-19.

III.Test requirements

Two PCR (nasopharyngeal swabs) tests are required before boarding.

(i) The first PCR test should be taken within 48 hoursbefore boarding. This test can only be done in the Lanka Hospitals by using 2 types of Chinese reagents ( DaAn Gene and Bioperfectus Technologies) and  equipment.

(ii) The second PCR test should be taken within 12 hours  before boarding. This test can only be done in hospitals designated by the Embassy (Lanka Hospitals, Nawaloka, Kings, Asiri, Hemas and Durdans).

IV.About people previously infected with COVID-19

If one of the three tests of PCR, IgM and IgG antibody (Except IgM and IgG antibody positive caused by completing the whole vaccination) has been tested positive, the person who intends to go to China should do twice PCR tests  ( These tests can only be done in the Lanka Hospitals by using 2 types of Chinese reagents ( DaAn Gene and Bioperfectus Technologies) and equipment, at least 24 hours interval between two sampling time). After 3 months, please send the above two PCR test reports to consulate_lka@mfa.gov.cn to apply for preliminary approval from the Embassy. After the Embassy has passed the pre-qualification, please follow the above requirements for normal passengers.

V.How to apply HDC green code

Foreign passengers can apply for the green health declaration code with the "HDC" mark by logging on the website of